Hoover Criminal Lawyer

With the assistance of a capable Hoover criminal lawyer, no defendant has to face the uncertainty of a criminal investigation alone. Being able to depend on a defense lawyer to guide individuals through the legal process – from police interrogations to plea negotiations – ensures every defendant a better chance when facing serious accusations and criminal charges.

Impact of Accusations

Notice of a criminal investigation or charges can be devastating news for any person accused of some kind of criminal activity or conduct. No matter how minor the crime, the prospect of a public arrest, trial, and any media attention can put the accused and their families under undue stress.

Additionally, a criminal arrest and record can have long-term effects. Depending on the type of crime, living with a criminal record can negatively impact a person’s finances, relationships, employment, and personal self-esteem and reputation in the community.

Defending Against Criminal Charges

The best way to protect against the often devastating effects of a criminal investigation and trial is to trust a criminal attorney in Hoover to build an aggressive defense. A criminal lawyer with the experience and understanding of state law and local practices can work to lessen the impact of a criminal allegation.

In some instances, a lawyer can begin to contest allegations early by attacking witness credibility or filing motions to suppress the evidence. Rely on a criminal lawyer with a professional courtroom reputation to work at reducing charges or, in the best case, having them dismissed.


To obtain a conviction, prosecutors must prove the elements of each crime that a defendant is charged with. Crimes and their respective elements are defined by the Alabama Criminal Code in Title 13A of the state statutes. The Criminal Code also establishes sentencing guidelines and other punishments that a court may impose.

Alabama sentencing provisions can be unforgiving. The most severe crimes are classified as felonies and carry sentences that include terms in state-run prisons. Additionally, felony drug offenses are subject to harsh punishments and mandatory minimum sentencing. Depending on the severity of the offense, the sentence can be a mandatory term of anywhere from three years to life. A court may also impose a fine of $25,000 or more.

Lesser offenses, like driving under the influence (DUI), can also carry extensive punishments. The sentence for a first-time DUI can include loss of driving privileges, fines, and required driver safety classes. In every case, an experienced Hoover criminal attorney knows the extent of the punishment a defendant may be facing, and can work to mitigate the severity of the sentence.

Contacting a Lawyer

When you or someone you care about is being investigated or charged with a crime, it is time to contact a qualified criminal attorney. Trust a local lawyer to explain the charges, fight for your rights, and build an aggressive defense strategy. With reputations and the future at risk, the sooner a criminal lawyer in Hoover is on the case, the better the possible outcome.

Client Reviews

Title: Professional and Knowledgeable

Mark is a no-nonsense lawyer who is very much in tune with the laws of Alabama in regards to defending his client who has been charged with any offense. He was very precise and complete in presenting my defense and my particular case ended in a dismissal thanks to his knowledge and professionalism.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars