Alabama Prostitution Lawyer 

In some states, prostitution is treated as a form of disorderly conduct, which is a low-grade misdemeanor. However, in Alabama, state statutes specifically outlaw situations related to the payment of money for sex, and these situations are treated as the most egregious form of misdemeanors, a step away from a felony. The compounded offense of promoting prostitution is considered a Class B felony. In addition, arrests involving prostitution accusations may also involve potential violations of local laws as well. Prostitution can involve serious consequences in Alabama. Those involved with any allegations involving prostitution are advised to consult with an experienced Alabama prostitution lawyer in order to build a strong defense and protect their rights.

Criminal Classifications

In Alabama, it is illegal to sell or buy sex, or even attempt to do so.  It is also a crime to make money from the prostitution of others, or to help others with the practice of prostitution. Prostitution is defined in the Alabama Code as “the commission by a person of any natural or unnatural sexual act, deviate sexual intercourse, or sexual contact for monetary consideration or other things of value”. In other words, it is exchanging sexual acts for money or other consideration. An experienced Alabama prostitution attorney can help determine the classification of charge that an individual is facing.

The next section of the statute, Alabama Code §13A-12-121, specifically prohibits the following:

  • Committing an act of prostitution
  • Asking or coercing someone to engage in prostitution
  • Agreeing to engage in prostitution
  • Causing or aiding another person in the commission of prostitution
  • Seeking or obtaining patrons for prostitution
  • Providing premises or persons for prostitution
  • Helping with the operation of a prostitution business
  • Entering into a contract to receive the proceeds of prostitution activity

These provisions are all treated as Class A misdemeanors punishable by a jail sentence of up to one year and a fine of up to $6,000 making it important a prostitution attorney in Alabama is contacted as soon as possible.

Compounding Factors

Often arrests made in connection with prostitution occur during the course of a police raid or sting operation. It is not unusual for police to also discover the presence of controlled substances, and charges involving those substances may be imputed to others in the vicinity.  It is also not unusual for individuals arrested during a raid to be charged with promoting prostitution, which is a more serious offense. Promoting prostitution in the first degree occurs when an individual either uses force or intimidation to coerce another to engage in prostitution or profits from someone else doing so.

Advancing or profiting from the prostitution of someone under the age of 16 is also considered promoting prostitution in the first degree. This offense is a Class B Felony with a minimum two-year prison sentence that can be extended to a maximum of 20 years. To further compound the legal situation, local municipalities in some Alabama communities have their own separate laws prohibiting conduct such as hotel employees serving as a conduit of communications for prostitution. Any individual in such a situation should not delay in contacting a knowledgeable Alabama prostitution lawyer as soon as possible.

Contacting an Attorney

With the potential for serious misdemeanor or even felony penalties, any charge involving prostitution needs to be taken seriously. An Alabama prostitution attorney with experience in prostitution law will understand the potential outcomes of a case and can help clients determine the best course of action.