About Us

At Polson and Polson, skilled lawyers are prepared to make differences in client’s cases through thorough, well researched hard work. We know that little things can make a big difference in the outcome of a case, so we think that old-fashioned hard work is the key to success. We turn over every stone to make sure that we look for every possible defense that is available to our clients. We thoroughly research the law, we go out and do scene investigations, and spend a lot of times with our clients.

Sometimes, the first time we meet with a client, a person does not always hear the whole story, so it takes establishing a relationship of trust with a client where they feel comfortable in knowing that a person is on their side completely. In fact, an individual’s lawyer is really the only friend that an individual has when that individual steps into a court of law, so that relationship of trust with a skilled Alabama attorney is everything. Being thorough and looking at every possible angle that could make a difference in the outcome of a case is important.

Approach to Litigation

The lawyer an individual chooses can make a difference. We are not all the same, we bring different talents to the table, and we work hard to establish that trust relationship. We are hard workers. We do not take shortcuts.

Just to give one example of what makes us unique is that we seize every opportunity that the law allows us to in order to benefit our client. Many lawyers will not take advantage of the fact that an accused citizen has a right to a preliminary hearing, and they will waive the case to the grand jury.

That is giving up an important right that the accused has to the initial confrontation. It allows us to prepare better. We get to hear what the police agency’s claims are as far as our client’s involvement and any possible criminal offense.

It is like playing cards. We force them to show their cards but we do not have to show them ours, and it helps us to be much better prepared and to make decisions based on actual information.


There is no substitute for experience. The longer an individual does something and the more that person does something, the better that person does it. Polson and Polson lawyers have never stopped learning. Every day brings a new challenge. Every day, they are trying to educate themselves to be a better advocate.

Whether it is the science of breath testing or whether it is a fingerprint analysis, DNA testing, or accident reconstruction, lawyers cannot be one dimensional. They have to be willing to educate themselves to meet any particular challenge that a case may bring.

Win or lose, they are going to know that they are not going to ever have any question that they did not go the extra mile to help them get a good outcome.

Importance of Trust

Trust is so important. A client needs to, first of all, have confidence in the attorney that they are knowledgeable, care about doing a good job, has professional pride, is ethical, and is willing to work long hours.

That is really the key to success. It is an individual’s willingness to spend that extra time to find that one thing that is going to make the difference in the outcome of a case, but it is important for lawyers to know that their client trusts me to give them advice and to use their best professional skill and ethics to help them get a good result.

Trust is key to any good attorney-client relationship. Telling the truth is always important. Sometimes, we have to give bad news to people to help them make good decisions. We try to treat people the way we would want to be treated, and that is to be totally upfront and honest. We can do our best work when our clients do the same. We are not here to judge them, but we are here to be their strong advocate and friend in the courtroom.