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Drug Crimes

Those accused of Alabama drug possession laws need to comprehend how serious prosecutors are about Alabama drug laws. This is not just directed to those accused of drug distribution charges or first offense drug trafficking. The State considers drug crimes to be a high priority, due to constant publicity from the opioid crisis in America.

Women on the floor So, if you think your criminal exposure for State prison time and a felony drug conviction are low risk, even illegal possession of prescription drugs Alabama is being aggressively prosecuted. Your District Attorney stands prepared to impose serious sanctions on those convicted of committing this crime and will also push for heightened sanctions for a drug paraphernalia charge.

Alabama Drug Defense Attorney

Mark and Whitney Polson Whether you are facing long-term incarceration, exorbitant financial fines or losing your freedom, don’t delay hiring the best criminal lawyer near me for your criminal defense. Each drug crime charge is different and involves a unique set of facts which must be thoroughly investigated before your defenses to criminal charges can be asserted. A skilled and experienced Alabama drug lawyer with Polson Law Firm is ready and willing to do battle on your behalf, fight to protect your rights, and help safeguard your family’s future.

Common Alabama Drug Crimes Charges

News stories of drug-related arrests are almost daily across the State of Alabama. State statutes provide for criminal prosecution of a broad range of drug-related activities, with some of the most common Drug crimes being charged involving:

Pipe of crack Though all drug crimes are very significant offenses in Alabama, a client’s available defenses and penalties applicable in a given case can vary a great deal. Thus, the assistance of veteran and knowledgeable Alabama drug crime attorneys can make all the difference to achievable outcomes. Don’t trust your criminal record and future to a general practice attorney in Alabama, when our law partners (Mark Polson and Whitney Polson) have specialized in criminal law for over 60 years in Alabama.

Controlled Substance Possession

Alabama, like other American jurisdictions, regulates and governs possession of controlled dangerous substances. This definition extends beyond heroin, marijuana and cocaine to include the compounds of which they are comprised. Paraphernalia possession is also illegal under Alabama law. Controlled substances are split into five distinct schedules, as found in Alabama Code § 20-2-23.

It should be noted that some controlled substances may be legally possessed if a valid prescription is held. The schedule into which a drug falls will have a significant bearing on the potential penalties faced for possession of that category of controlled substance.

Marijuana possession for personal use is a Class A Misdemeanor, though possession of other substances listed in schedules I through IV are Class C felonies which can bring from one to 10 years’ imprisonment and fines up to $15,000. Class B felonies involving purchase, transfer or possession of anhydrous ammonia with the knowledge that it would be used to manufacture crystal methamphetamine can bring from two to 20 years in prison and fines up to $30,000.

The Severity of an Alabama Drug Charge Varies

Sales and trafficking of controlled substances bring even more substantial penalties to those convicted, as can sales near school facilities and repeat drug-related offenses of any type. Individuals found guilty of drug crimes in Alabama are at risk of losing their freedom, their ability to earn a living, their right to own a firearm and much more.

As a result, it is incumbent upon those facing charges to identify an aggressive drug lawyer in Alabama who will seek every possible opportunity to undermine the state’s case, often by having illegally obtained evidence excluded from use. In many cases, it is possible to have charges reduced or dropped entirely, but in every case, all efforts to mitigate sanctions will be made.

The Benefits of Hiring a Top-Rated Drug Attorney

The fourth amendament It is wise, if you are facing such charges, to contact an Alabama drug attorney immediately. An experienced lawyer can take immediate steps to have any and all penalties associated with your charge reduced, dismissed or suppressed by virtue of a constitutional challenge under the 4th Amendment or Fifth Amendment.

Jail It is easy to let panic set in following an accusation or indictment for a drug charge, but your being “rattled” will serve no good purpose. In fact, chaos in your life can reduce the likelihood of your criminal lawyers near me finding a favorable legal outcome. Wasting time being in a panic mode is your enemy.

Our attorneys in Alabama need to start conducting a comprehensive examination of the facts, as claimed by the State of Alabama. The criminal defense attorney you hire needs to gather critical evidence and interview witnesses before the opportunity disappears. With a FREE lawyer consultation, why would you NOT call our experienced drug crime lawyers?

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