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DUI Lawyer Birmingham, AL: DUI Attorney and Law Book Author

Polson Law Firm, Award-Winning DUI lawyers near me with a statewide legal services law firm. Whitney Polson is co-author of the 5th Edition of Alabama DUI Defense.

By: Birmingham DUI attorney Whitney Polson and Birmingham DUI lawyer Mark Polson, are experienced DUI Defense Attorneys in Alabama with a Statewide Practice

Need a top-rated criminal defense attorney in Birmingham, Alabama? Following a Birmingham DUI arrest, almost every first offense DUI client is worried about what this arrest record may do to her or his plans in the future. Most do not know a single criminal attorney Birmingham, AL, much less who might be the best lawyer in Alabama to defend their pending DUI charges.

Alabama, like many other states, in every DUI arrest, includes both a criminal case and an administrative case, under the Alabama Implied Consent law. In all DUI-DWI arrests, the police officer making that arrest will start an Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS) driver’s license suspension case following an arrest for drunk driving. Our DUI attorneys in Birmingham, AL are one of the few Alabama law firms that travels statewide to defend those accused of DUI in Alabama.

Preserve Your License

Any DUI specialist in the State of Alabama will advise you that you only have 10 days to file an appeal to the pending administrative license suspension, which is triggered by Alabama DUI laws, following your criminal arrest. This warning to act quickly is significant, because worrying about a DUI conviction can come later, after you have PROTECTED your right to keep driving in Alabama.

Finding the Best DUI lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama to defend Alabama DUI arrests. The consequences for an arrest for DUI are serious, which is why you need to get in touch with a qualified Alabama DUI attorney as soon as you are charged with driving under the influence. By immediately contacting a DUI lawyer, the events surrounding the DUI arrest will still be fresh in your mind and you will have a better chance of having a positive outcome with your DUI case.

Over 65 Collective Years of Alabama DUI Defense

At Polson & Polson, P.C., our law partners have a full understanding of Alabama DUI laws. Whitney Polson has co-authored the State's leading legal treatise on defending DUI cases. Both have multiple recognitions from Super lawyers and Martindale-Hubbell. Widely regarded as being two of the best criminal lawyers in Alabama, many clients are searching for "DWI attorney Birmingham Alabama," or "best DUI lawyer in Alabama," expanding their search.

How do I find the best lawyer in Alabama? Having many years of legal industry credentials from recognized law ratings services, like Martindale is the beginning point. Second, having extensive, massive experience on DUI cases is needed to locate that best DUI attorney.

Plus, from decades of establishing long-term professional relationships with court personnel in the various DUI court locations in Alabama, police officers from most law enforcement agencies know us. Because the Polson law office attorneys handle felony violent crimes, traffic tickets and all types of misdemeanor cases, our legal work is familiar to police personnel statewide.

Many impaired driving cases start in our State’s Municipal Court system. Our litigators’ intense case preparation is one of the keys to our success. Our assigned DUI lawyer near me also handles every case with a team approach, ensuring that you benefit from our collective years of experience.

Our Birmingham DWI Attorney Partners Are the DUI Lawyer Alabama Law Office to Call for Statewide Coverage

Whether you need a DUI attorney Huntsville AL, and attorney in Montgomery AL, a DUI criminal attorney Birmingham AL, or DUI attorneys near me in Mobile AL, our firm can handle your assignment. Instead of looking for cheap DUI lawyers near me, look at the credentials and ratings of a top-rated DUI defense lawyer near me.

Free Call - 24/7

If you need criminal lawyers in Montgomery, AL, or a DUI attorney in Montgomery AL, our legal advocates can help you. Our legal team provides a free consultation and can represent you personally or refer you to another Alabama law office with good friends who are DUI attorneys in Montgomery Alabama.

How to beat a DUI in Alabama. Our goal is to take the STRESS off your shoulders, shift the burden to us, and to craft an excellent outcome for your case. Our criminal attorneys and staff will treat you like FAMILY. Either partner is an experienced criminal defense attorney Birmingham AL, so rest assured that our law office will have answers to many of your pressing questions.

Experience, Legal Book Authorship and Always Providing a Free Consultation

Both criminal defense attorneys in our legal office bring unique criminal court knowledge and litigation experience that translates to a formidable criminal defense for our clients who have been charged with driving under the influence or other criminal charges. In 2021, the Fifth Edition of the Alabama DUI Defense book, which is co-authored with three other legal professionals, was released, with partner and Whitney Polson, DWI attorney Birmingham Alabama, as co-author of the new edition, as well as the 2016 edition.

Alabama DUI Defense book

Our attorneys near me understand how it feels to be accused of a DUI and know that the burden of proof is placed on the government to overcome your presumption of innocence. It’s this understanding that forms the basis of how we provide representation to Alabama residents.

Our DUI law firm is committed to continuing legal education. By attending (and sometimes teaching) advanced litigation training courses and other continuing legal educational seminars and workshops, the best DUI lawyers near me stay abreast of cutting-edge methods of winning DUI cases through challenging the breathalyzer or a field sobriety test.

How Our DUI-DWI Lawyers Near Me Can Help

Comprehensive case analysis, careful preparation and lending an empathetic ear to our clients are the hallmarks of our firm’s Alabama DUI defense. By carefully reviewing and challenging all the evidence in our clients’ intoxicated driving cases, our Alabama lawyers can craft a viable defense strategy for each criminal file. This includes those drunk driving cases causing the death of another , which exposes the client to significant state prison time.

This strategic advantage often is the difference in our approach that achieves a dismissal, an acquittal, or a critical reduction of charges, such as a DUI reduced to reckless driving. Our main office is in Birmingham, Alabama’s Queen City, but the DUI lawyers of Polson & Polson cover the entire state of Alabama and are not merely criminal lawyers in Birmingham AL .

Free Call - 24/7

Whether your case is in Auburn, Montgomery County, Mobile, Orange Beach, Tuscaloosa or Huntsville Alabama, our legal services professionals have been there and will travel where needed to help you obtain the full measure of justice that the law allows. Our criminal law firm has handled Alabama DUI cases in almost every county in our State, as well as most of the State’s numerous Municipal Courts, where many DUI arrests are initially arraigned.

Each Alabama DUI lawyer at the Polson Law Firm seeks to work with the prosecution and arresting officer to find a favorable disposition but is ready to take a case to trial. Call today for a FREE lawyer consultation at 205-871-8838 .

Other Criminal Law Practice Areas our Firm Handles, , including personal injury.


No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other DUI-OWI lawyers near me. Copyright 2022, Whitney Polson. Criminal defense attorney Birmingham, Alabama.

Client Reviews
Whitney Polson is a no-nonsense attorney who delivered exactly what he said he would on my case...thank you so much sir...I would definitely recommend anyone facing a DUI to retain this man. D.B.
If you are looking for an attorney I must recommend Mark Polson of Polson & Polson. My case was successfully moved from a February to a December court date and was dismissed. I am extremely please with the way this firm handled the case and was able to secure the dismissal. Thank you again to Polson & Polson for your professionalism and knowledge that we needed for this situation. Best Regards to all. Julie C.
Wow! I never could have hoped for our lawyer to work as fast as he did but Whitney was lightning fast! Very attentive to the details, never left me hanging along the journey-I used online reviews in choosing him and now I want to pass that on-if you need a lawyer (ours was a traffic court case with complications), I HIGHLY recommend this firm! Claire B.