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Child Pornography in Jefferson County

Child pornography charges are very serious criminal offenses. While some child pornography offenses involve intent on the part of the individuals charged with possessing material that qualifies as child pornography, there are also many situations when an individual could find themselves facing such charges without intending to commit any wrongful acts.

Criminal law in Alabama can be complicated, but you do not have to face child pornography charges alone. Regardless of the specific circumstances behind your charges, an earnest criminal defense attorney could be an effective part of how you face them. Working with a Jefferson County child pornography lawyer could be an important step towards understanding the basic laws governing child pornography offenses and how they may impact your case.

Understanding the Law Regarding Child Pornography

Code of Alabama §15-20A-5 defines various activities that are considered sex offenses. Many of the actions that result in child pornography charges are included in this section.

By definition, child pornography involves traditional notions of pornography in which children are the subject, but not all child pornography-related charges are engaged in knowingly. For instance, teenagers sending texts to each other that include explicit images of themselves may also be charged with crimes related to producing child pornography, even though both involved parties are minors. Contact a Jefferson County child pornography lawyer for more information.

Common Child Pornography Charges

There are many different types of child pornography charges, some of which are more serious than others. Depending on the circumstances, a conviction could include lengthy jail or prison time as well as hefty financial penalties.

One of the most common child pornography charges is possession, which occurs when an individual possesses anything qualifying as pornographic material involving a child. When an individual is determined to have distributed such images, they can then be charged with possession with intent to disseminate.

Individuals engaged in the production of child pornography may face production charges. If a parent or legal guardian allows a child to participate in the making or production of child pornography, then the parent or legal guardian may also face charges. All these charges are felonies in Jefferson County, all punishable by steep fines and jail sentences of one year or more. If an individual is facing such charges, they should think about retaining the services of a Jefferson County child pornography lawyer for help in building a defense.

The Role of the Internet

While the Internet can make many aspects of our daily lives much easier, it can also be a dangerous place. When the Internet is involved in child pornography crimes, state charges could be upgraded to federal ones. An individual may run afoul of federal child pornography laws if an image that qualifies as child pornography crossed state lines before ending up in that person’s possession.

Speak With a Jefferson County Child Pornography Attorney Today

The consequences of a conviction on child pornography charges can be significant and have a serious consequence on your life and livelihood. Working with an experienced attorney who understands how much is at stake could be an important part of your approach to defending against these charges.

When it comes to serious criminal charges like child pornography, you may need a dynamic and thorough approach to safeguarding your rights and facing the challenges these charges can present. If you are facing child pornography charges, contact a seasoned Jefferson County child pornography lawyer to see how they could be a part of advocating for your rights.

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