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Conspiracy in Pelham

In Pelham and the surrounding areas, the police could charge a person with a criminal offense even if they have not yet committed a crime. Conspiracy charges may cover a wide range of illegal behavior, as the offense is a criminal partnership where two or more individuals plan to commit a crime.

With conspiracy accusations, the first person the police speak with may claim that you were involved in an effort to secure a plea bargain or to commute the sentence. Anyone in this situation may find the services of a Pelham conspiracy lawyer invaluable. Speaking with a seasoned defense attorney may give you the advice you need on how to best protect yourself.

Definition of Conspiracy

Conspiracy, which is a plan to break a law, allows charges against a person before a crime is actually committed. It is not uncommon for innocent actions or associations to lead to conspiracy charges, even in situations where the accused person had no intention to engage in the alleged illegal activity.

Proving conspiracy falls to the prosecutor. There are three elements to prove for the court to convict a person of planning a criminal action.

  • Two or more people planned to commit a particular act
  • The defendant knew what they were agreeing to and voluntarily agreed to join
  • At least one member of the group did some act in furtherance of carrying out the plan

A conspiracy attorney in Pelham could help further explain these charges and what a person could expect after being charged with them.

Common Related Offenses in Pelham

The specific charges a person will face largely depends on the act they were allegedly conspiring to commit. This means that charges could be either federal or state offenses and may vary in severity.

Federal Conspiracy

There are often conspiracy charges related to drug offenses and other federal crimes. The government may accuse two or more people of planning to transport drugs across State or country lines. The government only needs to prove a person’s intention to commit the planned activity. It does not matter whether the individual knew it was a crime. Defendants facing federal or State conspiracy charges are advised to speak with tenacious Pelham conspiracy lawyer to learn their rights.

Conspiracy in Alabama

It is valuable to note that a person could be found guilty of conspiracy, even if the accused did not know the identity of the co-conspirators, as noted in Code of Alabama §13A-4-3. Even in a situation where the co-conspirator is found not guilty or is not charged, lacks the mental capacity to be charged, or cannot be charged for some reason, the court may still convict the accused.

Conspiracy charges are typically brought as one level less than the planned crime. Murder is a Class A felony. If a group of people plans to commit murder, the conspiracy to commit is a Class B felony.

Learn More About Defense Strategies From a Pelham Conspiracy Attorney

Having just one witness may be enough for the police to charge and arrest another person. Charges of conspiracy often occur because an arrested individual is attempting to plea for a lesser sentence.

If you are facing conspiracy charges, you may need the services of a competent attorney. An aggressive representative may mean the difference between freedom and a potential prison sentence. To learn more about what defenses may be available to you, contact a Pelham conspiracy lawyer. While all conspiracy charges present unique challenges, working with an experienced attorney may be the first step to protect yourself.

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