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Covington County Drug Crimes Lawyer

As defined under Alabama Code Section 20-2-23 through 20-2-31, most drug charges in Covington County are classified as felonies with the exceptions of possession of a drug or paraphernalia for personal use, as well as the delivery or sale of drug paraphernalia. All other drug-related charges will be classified as felonies and can result in penalties ranging from two to 99 years in prison and a fine of between $15,000 to $60,000.

To protect yourself against these penalties, it can be significant to contact a professional Covington County drug lawyer as early as possible in a case. Become acquainted with the following information to learn more about how a qualified criminal attorney could advocate for your defense today.

Schedules of Drugs in Covington County

Schedules or classifications of controlled substances in Covington County are categorized depending on a number of factors, including the potential for abuse, reasonable medical use, and potential to develop a dependency. There are five different schedules, but in the context of criminal drug charges, the law in Covington County only makes a significant distinction between marijuana—which is governed by a separate statute—and any other controlled substance. A weathered defense attorney could assist an individual in determining what schedule their drug offense falls into and how that could potentially affect their case’s outcome.

Potential Penalties for Drug-Related Charges

There are a few different categories of drug-related charges that Alabama law explicitly recognizes, including possession, distribution, manufacture, and trafficking. Trafficking is the most serious violation, followed by manufacturing, distribution, and possession. However, even a simple possession charge for any amount of a drug greater than what is specified in Schedule V is categorized as a Class C felony and carries a minimum prison sentence of at least one year and one day up to ten years.

If someone is convicted of any type of controlled substance crime, they will also typically have their license suspended, and if convicted of a felony, they will get their voting rights taken away as well. In light of these consequences, it can be vital to retain the protection of a determined Covington County drug lawyer who can fight for one’s rights from the outset of a case.

Rehabilitation Alternatives in Drug Court

As an alternative to a typical court, Covington County has a drug court intended to provide options for rehabilitating someone charged with a drug-related crime as opposed to sentencing them to prison. The purpose of a drug court is to help treat the underlying addiction and help get an individual’s life back on track.

If someone is eligible for drug court, they could have their charges set aside in exchange for their participation in a therapy and a drug-monitoring program. However, anyone charged with controlled substance distribution, manufacture, trafficking, or violent crimes is not eligible for drug court.

Reaching Out to a Covington County Drug Lawyer

An experienced Covington County drug lawyer could greatly impact the outcome of your case in certain circumstances. They could review the facts surrounding your unique case, work to identify any law enforcement misconduct in handling your arrest, and develop a strategy that protects your best interests. Schedule your initial consultation with a qualified Covington County drug lawyer today.

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