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Homewood Drug Crime Lawyer

Alabama is known for its southern hospitality, and as a place where everyone is a friend and neighbor. However, if you are convicted of a serious drug crime in the state, you might find yourself before a judge that will not be so hospitable.

Alabama takes drug crimes very seriously, and if you are charged or arrested for a drug crime, you need to contact a Homewood drug lawyer immediately. An experienced criminal lawyer in Homewood can build a case to help reduce or dismiss any penalties you may be facing.

Illegal Drugs in Alabama

Alabama considers marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other harmful drugs as controlled dangerous substances (CDS), and prohibits the use of them. A person utilizing drug paraphernalia, which includes pipes, may face severe consequences because they too are considered illegal.

However, some controlled dangerous substances such as codeine and other common pain medications may be possessed legally when a person as a valid prescription. Drug crimes usually include the following:

  • Use of drugs – consuming or taking an illegal drug that has no prescription from a medical doctor
  • Possession of drugs – knowingly or intentionally having drugs in one’s possession without a valid prescription
  • Manufacturing of drugs – creating or packaging a synthetic chemical substance or extracting a natural drug
  • Distribution of drugs – selling, delivering or smuggling an illegal substance
Categories for Controlled Dangerous Substances

In the state of Alabama, controlled substances are categorized into five schedules.

  • Schedule 1 Drugs (opiates, some opium derivatives or hallucinogenic drugs)
  • Schedule II Drugs (coca leaves and opium)
  • Schedule III Drug (codeine and amphetamines)
  • Schedule IV Drugs (barbiturates)
  • Schedule V Drugs (medicines with limited amounts of certain narcotic drugs

To defend against any schedule of a drug, it is important to contact a Homewood drug attorney immediately.

Potential Punishment

Criminal punishment for possessing a controlled dangerous substance depends on the type of drug a person is convicted of possessing, along with their prior criminal record. The penalties range from a misdemeanor to a felony charge. To defend against these penalties, it is pertinent to contact a drug lawyer in Homewood as soon as possible.

Possessing marijuana (any amount less than one kilogram or 2.2 pounds) in Alabama for personal or recreational use is a Class A misdemeanor. According to Ala. Code § § 13A-12-214, 13A-5-7, 13A-5-12., if convicted of this crime, a person may serve one year in a county jail and pay a fine up to $6,000.

Possession of amounts over one kilogram is a Class C felony, which can be punishable up to 10 years in prison, with fines up to $15,000.

Aggravating Factors

Individuals who are convicted of selling or distributing any amount of CDS could receive Class A felony convictions. One can serve up to 99 years in prison and pay fines up to $60,000.

The penalties are harsher for individuals who sell or furnish any CDS drug to persons under the age of eighteen in the state of Alabama. When one is convicted of drug crimes involving children or individuals under eighteen, they cannot be granted any probation or a suspended sentence.

An individual may receive harsher punishment if they are involved with the unlawful sale or distribution of any CDS near a school, college, or other educational institution.

Furthermore, it is illegal to sell or distribute any CDS within three miles of a public housing facility that is owned by an Alabama public housing authority.

Contact an Attorney

Drug crimes can have devastating effects on your professional and personal life. Furthermore, a conviction can mean serious legal consequences and possible jail time.

A Homewood drug lawyer can help you develop a defense that can work in your favor and give you a second chance to regain your life. Contact us today.

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If you are looking for an attorney I must recommend Mark Polson of Polson & Polson. My case was successfully moved from a February to a December court date and was dismissed. I am extremely please with the way this firm handled the case and was able to secure the dismissal. Thank you again to Polson & Polson for your professionalism and knowledge that we needed for this situation. Best Regards to all. Julie C.
Wow! I never could have hoped for our lawyer to work as fast as he did but Whitney was lightning fast! Very attentive to the details, never left me hanging along the journey-I used online reviews in choosing him and now I want to pass that on-if you need a lawyer (ours was a traffic court case with complications), I HIGHLY recommend this firm! Claire B.