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Federal Conspiracy in Birmingham

Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more individuals to break the law. Conspiracy charges, especially federal ones, can be extremely serious. If you find yourself facing such charges, you may need the help of a Birmingham federal conspiracy lawyer.

If you want to get your charges reduced or dropped, you may need to hire a federal criminal attorney with in-depth knowledge of federal statutes, sentencing guidelines, and drug laws. Federal courts often dole out more serious sentences than state courts, so you should act fast if you want to maximize your chances of a positive outcome to your case.

Types of Conspiracy Charges

To convict a defendant on conspiracy charges, a federal prosecutor must prove that the defendant in question violated conspiracy laws. They may use evidence collected by law enforcement officials, as well as testimony from others, to achieve this goal.

Even if a person does enter into an agreement to commit a criminal act with another person, the prosecutor must establish they had an intent to enter into the agreement and commit the criminal act in question. To that end, the federal government may charge individuals with conspiracy to:

  • Commit an offense against the United States government
  • Commit an act of fraud
  • Violate the Controlled Substances Act
  • Submit a fraudulent claim to the United States
  • Commit a federal health care offense
  • Restrain trade
  • Deprive another person of their civil rights
Defenses to a Federal Conspiracy Charge

Despite their severity, it is possible to fight back against federal conspiracy charges. If a defendant can prove the act they agreed to commit differs from the act the other person actually carried out, the charges would need to be altered. Consequently, a person can only be convicted for federal conspiracy charges if the actions of the person who actually committed the criminal act were reasonably foreseeable.

Even if a person does enter into a conspiracy to commit a crime, they cannot be found guilty if they back out or refuse to commit the crime later. In the same vein, if someone is threatened, coerced, or intimidated into committing conspiracy, the court may decide they were merely a pawn in a greater scheme and not personally guilty of conspiracy. For more information, get in contact with a Birmingham federal conspiracy lawyer.

Consequences of a Federal Conviction

Hiring the right attorney can be imperative when fighting federal conspiracy charges. Prosecutors often attempt to get a confession out of defendants early in the investigation, and individuals who allegedly played a minor role in a conspiracy often receive lesser sentences if they cooperate. This may seem like a bargain at first, but a conviction of any sort can result in jail time, astronomical legal fines, and other forms of penal restitution.

Even if a person cooperates and agrees to confess, they may face numerous challenges after they are released from jail. Depending on the severity of the associated convictions, a criminal record could prevent a person from finding employment, securing housing, voting, owning a firearm, and passing a basic background check. Given how seriously the government takes conspiracy charges, anyone accused of federal conspiracy of any kind should consider hiring a federal conspiracy lawyer in Birmingham to protect their rights.

Reach Out to a Birmingham Federal Conspiracy Attorney Today

If you are currently facing federal conspiracy charges, it could be important for you to contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible. The federal court system is different from the Alabama state court system, and without a lawyer on your side, you may have difficulty fully understanding the details and implications of your charges. Reach out to a Birmingham federal conspiracy lawyer today to discuss your case.

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