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Criminal Fraud in Crenshaw County

Criminal charges involving fraud are some of the most complex white-collar criminal offenses you may face. By definition, most fraud offenses involve an element of deception for personal financial gain, and both federal and state regulations outlaw various types of fraud.

If you are facing federal or state criminal charges related to fraud offenses, you may wish to contact a Crenshaw County fraud lawyer for legal guidance. While the penalties for federal and state criminal fraud convictions can be very harsh, the representation of a diligent criminal defense attorney could make all the difference in the outcome of your prosecution.

Fraud Offenses in Crenshaw County

Most fraud offenses occur when individuals make misrepresentations about significant issues of fact that the targets of the fraud rely on when deciding to provide that individual with some benefit of value. Some of the most common types of fraud involve those who work in professions that handle financial matters. These individuals typically work in banks, mortgage companies, investment firms, healthcare facilities, and other locations.

Bank Fraud

Under 18 United States Code §1344, bank fraud occurs when individuals attempt to defraud a bank that is FDIC-insured to obtain money or other valuable property that it owns or holds. Bank theft can involve identity theft, check fraud, and various types of fraudulent behavior. As a seasoned attorney could explain, a conviction for bank theft could result in a 30-year prison sentence and fines of up to one million dollars.

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud could consist of submitting fraudulent mortgage loan applications, artificially inflating real estate values to obtaining more expensive loans, or other similar schemes involving fraud. People in various roles in the mortgage industry—which includes mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and mortgage company owners or employees—could face mortgage fraud charges.

Investment Fraud

Investment fraud schemes—often referred to as Ponzi schemes—involve financial advisers or other investment professionals utilizing the funds of others for their own gain. This offense typically occurs to the detriment of the investors. Different types of additional fraud charges may accompany investment fraud charges, including wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering.

Healthcare Fraud

While healthcare fraud can affect private insurance companies, one of the most vigorously-prosecuted types of healthcare fraud is Medicare or Medicaid fraud. Federal prosecutors often accuse doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities of over-billing these federal public healthcare programs, inflating claims, and even claiming reimbursement for fictional patients. Given that healthcare fraud convictions can result in years in prison and high fines, consulting a fraud lawyer in Crenshaw County when facing such charges may be highly beneficial.

Crenshaw County Wire and Mail Fraud Charges

One of the most common fraud charges, whether standing alone or in conjunction with other types of fraud charges, is wire or mail fraud. This is a type of catch-all provision under federal law that often acts as a fallback for federal prosecutors if the evidence of other criminal offenses is not as strong as it could be.

Wire and mail fraud typically become relevant charges when individuals move money that they obtained illegally. As an example, wire fraud would cover electronic transfers of funds between bank accounts and mail fraud would include financial statements, checks, and other correspondence relating to financial transactions. Representation from a Crenshaw County fraud attorney could be instrumental in combatting accusations of mail and wire fraud.

Contact a Crenshaw County Fraud Attorney

The U.S. Department of Justice has immense resources at its disposal to investigate and prosecute white-collar crimes, many of which involve fraud offenses. Consequently, accused individuals are likely to face multiple types of federal fraud charges arising out of the same course of events, putting them at high risk of harsh punishments and long prison terms.

A Crenshaw County fraud lawyer could work to craft a strong defense against federal criminal charges and put you in a better position to overcome or minimize the effects of the charges you are facing. Having a strong advocate on your side from the outset of any investigation may be the most effective way to protect your rights throughout any criminal proceedings, so call today to schedule a consultation.

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