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Homewood Gun Crimes Lawyer

Every American citizen has a right to bear arms to defend themselves. Alabama is an open carry state, in which an adult of legal age can openly carry a firearm without a permit. Alabama gun laws do not require you to have a gun permit for the purchase of handguns, shotguns, or rifles.

A person can purchase a firearm at hunting or sporting goods stores without having a permit. Any person who is not a resident of Alabama may also carry a handgun in the state as long as they can show they are qualified and licensed to carry a handgun in their home state of residency.

It may seem that Alabama has very relaxed views concerning gun ownership. However, when you possess a gun and are not permitted to carry it, you may face severe punishment. If you are arrested for illegally carrying a gun, you need to hire a qualified Homewood gun lawyer. A skilled defense attorney can work hard to defend you and your rights.

Alabama Firearm Restrictions

There are certain individuals who are not legally allowed to carry firearms. They include:

  • A person declared mentally unstable or unfit to carry a gun
  • Persons convicted of committing a violent crime
  • Any individual attempting to carry out a violent crime
  • Persons with drug or alcohol-related problems
  • Any person who intends to commit bodily harm or injury at a public school

A person cannot openly carry a pistol in an automobile unless they have a permit. Someone cannot carry a concealed pistol without a permit unless one is in their own house or property and they cannot carry a pistol on or near their personage (body) on property that does not belong to the pistol owner or is not under their control. A person cannot carry a concealed gun into a courthouse, criminal justice facility, or airport, nor can individuals carry a firearm while attending a public demonstration, or possess a gun on their body or car within 1,000 feet of a demonstration.

Potential Gun Crime Penalties

The state of Alabama does enjoy relaxed laws relating to gun ownership, but it also has stiff penalties for those who illegally possess a gun or break the law while using a firearm.

When someone is charged with any of the below crimes involving guns in Alabama, they should contact a Homewood gun lawyer, as the following penalties may ensue.

  • If someone makes false statements to get or register a pistol, they may serve up to five years in prison
  • If someone commits a violent crime while having a gun in their possession, they may spend up to five years in prison
  • If someone possesses a deadly weapon or firearm with the intent to do bodily harm at a public school facility, they may face a Class C felony charge and can serve up to ten years in prison
  • If someone illegally owns a short-barrel shotgun or short-barrel rifle, they may face a Class C felony charge serving up to ten years in prison
Contact a Homewood Gun Attorney

Carrying a gun in the state of Alabama is a proud right of every citizen over the age of 18. You are entitled to this privilege. However, if you carry a gun when not permitted to do so, or break the law using a gun, the results may not be good.

When you find yourself in trouble with the law in a gun-related incident or crime, contact a Homewood gun lawyer who may help you regain your right to own a gun.

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