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Lawrence County Assault Lawyer

An assault is a serious offense in Alabama. Under the law of the state, you could face a prison term of several months or even years if convicted of an assault. If you are facing assault charges, do not risk your future. A qualified attorney can help you avoid or minimize extended prison sentences, hefty fines, and other severe consequences. A judicious Lawrence County assault lawyer could investigate your case thoroughly and use all possible legal defenses to weaken the prosecution’s arguments in order to achieve the most favorable outcome on your behalf under the circumstances.

Types of Assault Charges in Alabama

Assault charges are distinguished by a degree in Alabama and the possible penalties will vary for each of these:

  • First-degree assault
  • Second-degree assault
  • Third-degree assault

Irrespective of the degree of your charge, consulting a Lawrence County assault lawyer will help you understand what your specific charge entails, and what kind of defense you may possibly require.

First-Degree Assault

Classified as a Class B felony, it constitutes assault in the first degree when one person physically injures another with the intent of doing so with the help of a deadly weapon, or with the intention of bringing about permanent disability or disfigurement. This charge can also apply if someone intends to cause injury, as also when committing or attempting one of many felony offenses while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Second & Third-Degree Assault

Considered a Class C felony, second-degree assault is charged when someone seriously injures another person with the intent to do so, uses a dangerous instrument or deadly weapon to carry out this intent, or recklessly causes grave injuries with a weapon.

This charge might also be considered when someone intends to prevent a care worker or peace officer from carrying out their lawful duty and leads to injury, or intentionally impairs another person by giving him or her drugs or similar substances without their consent.

Third-Degree Assault

Classified as a Class A misdemeanor, third-degree assault happens when one person recklessly, intentionally, or with criminal negligence causes physical injury to someone else, acts with the intention of preventing a peace officer from carrying out their lawful duty, or physically harms another person.

Possible Penalties That Assault Convictions Bring

It is necessary to put up an aggressive defense when facing assault charges in Alabama as the possible penalties for convictions in these cases are quite severe. Being convicted for assault in the third degree can involve a minimum of one-year jail and a maximum fine of $6,000. A jail term of up to ten years and a maximum fine of $5,000 can result from a second-degree assault conviction. An experienced Lawrence County assault attorney can help you deal with such charges effectively.

A conviction for a first-degree assault can result in prison terms up to 20 years and fines touching $30,000. This is why it is essential to immediately try to get the charges reduced or dropped completely. In cases where this is not possible, an Alabama assault lawyer can help in mitigating the possible penalties significantly.

Consult a Lawrence County Assault Attorney Today

Individuals who are convicted of assault in Alabama will have a hard time finding a decent job and are likely to face problems when attempting to enlist in the armed forces. It can be hard to overcome the social stigma attached to people with a history of criminal assault, damage to the person’s professional reputation, community standing, and personal relationships. A Lawrence County assault lawyer can help to avoid or minimize the adverse consequences in the best possible manner.

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