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Lawrence County Sex Crimes Lawyer

The laws regarding sex crimes in Alabama are fairly complex. Instances in which these laws can be invoked are also complex because there are many variables to be considered. The seemingly minor intricacies of law can often have a serious impact on the outcome of a court judgment and the long-term consequences for the accused.

The final result in such cases is of immense significance for someone charged with a sex crime because it can affect the family, housing, employment, reputation and other important aspects of life. It is important for any defense lawyer dealing with sex crime cases in Alabama to be aware of the factual and legal aspects involved so as to help ensure an ideal resolution. Individuals facing such charges should seek the legal advice of a knowledgeable attorney with substantial experience in this specific area of law.

A Lawrence County sex crimes lawyer may be familiar with the laws related to such crimes as well as the extenuating circumstances involved. They can help ensure that such a case is investigated fairly in all respects. Also, a legal professional can scrutinize witness statements, police reports, and all other evidence to build a strong defense against the charges besides providing solid guidance to the accused.

Different Categories of Sex Crimes

According to Alabama legal statutes, many offenses can be categorized as sex crimes. A number of these sorts of crimes are prosecuted aggressively and do result in substantial monetary penalties and extended prison terms. If you are faced with any such charges, you should not delay in seeking the help of a Lawrence County sex crimes lawyer.

Examples of such charges are:

  • Sexual battery
  • Date rape
  • Child molestation
  • Sexual abuse or assault
  • Rape
  • Electronic solicitation of a child
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Possession, manufacturing, or distribution of child pornography

Quite a few of these crimes may be linked to the internet and the computer. Some crimes may also fall under the purview of federal laws. It is crucial for a sex crimes lawyer working on such a case in Alabama to be well-acquainted with the unique laws and the ways in which they apply to the specific circumstances.

What Can Happen?

Alabama law defines many of the sex crimes as felonies which have very serious consequences. Prison terms, as well as hefty fines, are a possibility even for misdemeanors like sexual misconduct. Prison terms up to life are possible for felonies like a first-degree rape.

Furthermore, people found guilty are required to adhere to stringent registration requirements that can lead to persistent problems like employers unwilling to hire them or landlords reluctant to rent out properties to them. Even someone exonerated under criminal statutes might have to deal with civil liability.

A civil suit will involve a wholly different trial that has a lower standard of proof and carries the risk of a large financial judgment. This is why it is important to contact a qualified Lawrence County sex crimes lawyer soon after an arrest in sex crime case.

Sex Offender Registry Violations

An individual convicted of a sex crime in Alabama must register as a sex offender within seven days of release from prison. Failure to do this can result in a separate criminal charge punishable with up to 10 years in prison as well as fines in excess of $10,000.

Consult a Lawrence County Sex Crimes Attorney Now

Sex crime allegations must be fought back in the best possible way to protect your legal rights and to enable a favorable outcome. A profound Lawrence County sex crimes lawyer can provide you with the right legal guidance and reliably assist you in your defense.

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