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Specialties of Our Office

Skilled lawyers here at Polson and Polson are prepared to make a difference in our client’s cases through hard work and research, and for us, no case is too complicated or complex. Our clients will know that we have their back the minute they see us in the courtroom, and they will know that when they call into our staff and need a question answered or just need some reassurance. They know that they always have an Alabama lawyer on their side.

Taking on Challenging Cases

There are no small cases. They are all a challenge because every case is different and every client is different. Certainly, whenever children are involved as alleged victims, those cases will always be more challenging, but we will always work hard for our client to protect their rights no matter their case.

An individual has to be mindful of the emotional aspect of a case, depending on the particularities to it. In dealing with a client, if they are going through a lot and a family of the alleged victim is also going through a lot, we will want to put a lot of care and attention into their wellbeing.

We say that there are no small cases. Every case that we agree to help a client with, we know it is the most important case to them so we treat it like that. Every client knows that they are going to get 110% from us.

Approach to Cases

A large majority of our cases are DUI cases. Over the years, we have discovered there is a lot of nuance to each charge and a lot of little things that can make a difference in the outcome of a case. There is a lot of so-called science involved in breath testing and blood testing. We find those types of cases very interesting and challenging.

When we have vehicular homicide cases, we always look at the mechanical aspect of a case. There have certainly been past cases where we have successfully defended clients because we learned that the cause of the accident was not because our client was impaired because of alcohol or some controlled substance but because there had been a mechanical defect that caused the accident.

There are a lot of things like that when you deal with identification-type crimes, robbery crimes, and so forth. Understanding the social science and understanding that people under stress can sometimes make mistakes in identification, we always look at who our client is and get to know the best way to help them and their case.


Getting to know that individual’s adversary is important. Getting to know the personality of the judge, the prosecutor, and the police officers that an individual encounters is really important. Being prepared, having a good reputation with their colleagues and adversaries of always being prepared, and always willing to go the extra mile for that client is also important.

Client Reviews
Whitney Polson is a no-nonsense attorney who delivered exactly what he said he would on my case...thank you so much sir...I would definitely recommend anyone facing a DUI to retain this man. D.B.
If you are looking for an attorney I must recommend Mark Polson of Polson & Polson. My case was successfully moved from a February to a December court date and was dismissed. I am extremely please with the way this firm handled the case and was able to secure the dismissal. Thank you again to Polson & Polson for your professionalism and knowledge that we needed for this situation. Best Regards to all. Julie C.
Wow! I never could have hoped for our lawyer to work as fast as he did but Whitney was lightning fast! Very attentive to the details, never left me hanging along the journey-I used online reviews in choosing him and now I want to pass that on-if you need a lawyer (ours was a traffic court case with complications), I HIGHLY recommend this firm! Claire B.