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Student Defense in Crenshaw County

In many cases, students who are entering college are embarking on a journey without the direct supervision of parents for the very first time. Consequently, it is often no surprise when students make mistakes or errors in judgment that lead to legal difficulties.

A single error should not lead to permanent stains on your school records or black marks on your criminal record. These records can have a severe impact on your ability to continue to further your education in graduate or professional school, as well as to obtain internships and post-graduation employment.

A Crenshaw County student defense lawyer may be able to defend students against criminal charges and work toward keeping their criminal records clear for the benefits of their future. Working with a skilled criminal defense attorney could be the best solution to resolving the charges against you in the best way possible.

College Students and Alcohol-Related Offenses

In most cases, college students are over the age of 18, which makes them subject to arrest for the same criminal offenses as any other adults. However, as seasoned student defense attorneys in Crenshaw County may know, college students tend to face certain criminal charges more commonly than others.

As an example, alcohol-related offenses often are prevalent on and near college campuses, since while college students may be legal adults, they still might not be legally able to possess or consume alcoholic beverages. Alabama Code §28-1-5 makes it illegal for underage individuals to possess, drink, buy, or transport alcoholic beverages. A DUI is also a possibility for students who are driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.02 percent or higher, which is a far more stringent standard than that for adults who are over the age of 21.

While Ala. Code §28-3A-25 similarly prohibits alcohol usage by minors, it also makes a much wider range of alcohol-related offenses illegal, including the use or attempt to use a fake ID to purchase alcohol. This offense is a misdemeanor under Alabama law, meaning it could result in a fine of up to $1,000 and a jail sentence of up to six months for even a first conviction.

Common Criminal Offenses for College Students

Alcohol-related offenses are not the only type of criminal charges that college students may encounter. Other types of crimes that college students commonly may face include:

  • Possession of marijuana or controlled substances
  • Driving-related offenses
  • Date rape and other sex offenses
  • Vandalism

A Crenshaw County student defense lawyer could assist college students who are charged with various crimes. Legal counsel may also be necessary if students also face conduct code violations through their colleges or universities as a result of criminal arrests. These proceedings can produce additional—and often no less severe—consequences that may hurt a student’s prospects for their future.

Alternatives to Criminal Conviction for College Students

When college students are facing criminal charges for the first times in their lives, they might have the opportunity in some Alabama courts to avoid a criminal conviction altogether. While these means of resolution do not necessarily resolve any administrative school proceedings, they can help students keep their criminal records clear.

As an example, under Ala. Code §15-19-1, students who are under the age of 21 and facing their first criminal charges may be able to seek youthful offender status. While some offenses are not eligible, students who do qualify may be eligible for dismissal of the charges or sealing of their criminal records after completing specific tasks, such as community service hours. Some counties also may have pretrial diversion programs, which could help students avoid a criminal record.

Call a Crenshaw County Student Defense Attorney

While your situation may seem impossible, do not lose hope. Some defenses may be applicable in your case and alternative programs that might enable you to avoid a criminal conviction. A Crenshaw County student defense lawyer could assess your situation and develop the defense strategy that might best benefit you.

Contacting legal counsel as soon as possible could be the key to overcoming the criminal charges that you are facing and achieving a better outcome in any criminal court and administrative school proceedings. Call today to find out what help is available to you in your situation.

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