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A minor accused of a crime may not be able to fully understand the related implications. According to state law, some minors cannot be charged with a crime as a youthful offender. In cases where a minor is reclassified as a youthful offender, the case typically will be adjudicated instead of being prosecuted. However, all minors are not eligible for this reclassification. A minor who has been charged with a criminal offense may substantially benefit from speaking with a Shelby County student defense lawyer.

A skilled defense attorney could examine the facts of your case and potentially help determine if you may qualify for reclassification as a youthful offender. Such a reclassification may significantly decrease the severity of legal consequences. Schedule an appointment today and begin building a credible defense.

What is the Youthful Offender Status?

Being convicted of a crime may turn into a permanent blemish on the person’s record and also prove a hurdle when it comes to seeking employment or entering graduate school. This generally is why the state tries to lessen the adverse impact of a conviction with regard to a minor by classifying them as a youthful offender.

The adjudication process commonly attempts to assist and rehabilitate the young offenders instead of distributing punishment and criminalizing them. Persons under 21 may seek reclassification as a youthful offender when charged with a crime. If the reclassification is granted, the person typically will not have to face criminal prosecution. They are also likely to end up with fewer penalties. Usually, the penalties issued to youthful offenders are lighter than those given to adult criminal defendants. While youthful offender status is a possibility, it is not guaranteed. A minor could still stand trial for criminal offenses and potentially receive full legal consequences upon conviction. Contact a Shelby County student defense lawyer and arrange for a meeting to discuss legal options that may be effective.

Underage Drinking Charges

Often times, a minor may be criminally charged for consumption or possession of alcohol. A large number of teenagers and young adults do not understand that the law considers it a crime and may be unaware of the legal consequences of drinking or purchasing alcohol under the age of 21. They could face a jail sentence of up to 30 days and a steep fine for underage drinking. For offenders under the age of 18, the punishment might even involve being placed at a juvenile facility.

Driving under the influence is yet another common charge seen among underage people. According to Alabama state law, those under the age of 21 with 0.02% or higher blood alcohol content may be legally considered under the influence.

A Higher Blood Alcohol Content Level Attracts Substantial Penalties Such as
  • A fine ranging between $500 and $2,000
  • Up to one year in prison
  • License suspension lasting 30 days

There could also be serious implications of alcohol-related convictions and charges on a young person’s records. A lot of colleges and universities include these conviction records in the student’s academic record. Many employers actively may avoid applicants with criminal records.

Consulting an Experienced Shelby County Student Defense Attorney

A lot of young people are not told about the seriousness of their behavior which might be construed as criminal. The penalties for criminal behavior is often severe and the ramifications of reckless actions could last a lifetime. Reaching out to a committed Shelby County student defense lawyer could be helpful as they could provide legal guidance and even potentially assist with the communication process with educational institutions. Call today.

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