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Trussville Child Pornography Lawyer

Criminal charges related to child pornography can lead to extremely severe long-term consequences, including lengthy prison terms, fines, and mandatory sex offender registration. Individuals who are the targets of a child pornography investigation should consider contacting a Trussville child pornography lawyer right away.

An active investigation into child pornography offenses could involve searches, property seizures, and other investigative techniques. In this situation, you likely need a strong legal advocate to protect your rights and advocate your defense. A dedicated sex crimes attorney could work to assess the evidence in your case and champion your defense.

State Charges for Eliciting Sexual Material Involving Children

As a seasoned lawyer could explain, all child pornography charges involve obscene materials that depict a child under the age of 17 who is nude or engaging in sexual acts. Alabama law further defines various criminal offenses related to child pornography.

Dissemination or Public Display of Child Pornography

Under Alabama Code §13A-12-191, it is unlawful to knowingly disseminate or publicly display any child pornography. This offense is a Class B felony. Since the offense is a sex offense that involves a child, the potential prison sentence for a conviction is 10 to 20 years.

Possession or Possession with Intent to Distribute Child Pornography

Ala. Code §13A-12-192 provides that it is illegal to knowingly possess, or possess with intent to distribute child pornography. Possession of three or more copies of the same visual depiction of child porn is evidence of an individual’s intent to disseminate the pornographic images. While possession with intent to distribute child pornography is a Class B felony, simple possession is a Class C felony and can result in a prison sentence of up to ten years.

Permitting Child to Engage in the Production of Child Pornography

Under Ala. Code §13A-12-196, parents or guardians who knowingly allow their children to participate in the production of child pornography commit a Class A felony offense. Conviction on a Class A felony may result in a prison sentence ranging from ten years to life imprisonment.

Producing Child Pornography

Ala. Code §13A-12-197 dictates that a person who knowingly produces images containing child pornography, whether through recording, printing, or photography, commits a separate Class A felony offense for each image or depiction of child pornography produced. A dedicated attorney in Trussville could explain what legal options a person may have available when facing child pornography allegations.

Federal Child Porn Charges

Federal child pornography charges often result when these offenses involve a person or pornographic material crossing state lines. Since the Internet has become one of the most common ways to disseminate explicit sexual material involving children, the transmission of these images to different states and internationally is commonplace. As an experienced attorney could explain, individuals engaged in offenses involving child porn often find themselves facing federal criminal charges with, or in lieu of, state criminal charges.

Federal charges for child porn typically result in harsher sentences than the same offenses would warrant under state law. Under federal law, the simple possession of child porn calls for a minimum of five years in federal prison.

Most federal child pornography charges require mandatory minimum sentences that do not allow federal judges much discretion. When individuals are facing federal criminal charges, consulting an experienced child pornography lawyer in Trussville immediately may be highly beneficial.

Speak with a Trussville Child Pornography Attorney About Legal Options

When high-profile child pornography charges arise at the state or federal level, the goal of law enforcement officers and district attorneys is often to prosecute the accused persons as harshly as possible. When accused of a crime as serious as child pornography, you cannot afford to cut corners in your defense.

Since the stakes are so high for your reputation, career, personal life, and freedom, you should consider the merits of consulting a seasoned Trussville child pornography lawyer. Call today to set up a confidential consultation.

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