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Child Pornography

Child pornography is defined as the depiction of any individual under the age of 17 that displays images of genitalia, breasts, or any type of sexual act. Child pornography is sentenced severely due to the idea that children should be protected from those types of activities, such as having their photographs or videos taken of them.

If you have been charged with such a crime and are seeking legal guidance, it is important to consult with an experienced Alabama child pornography lawyer as soon as possible. A knowledgeable sex crimes lawyer in Alabama can build a case to help lessen or dismiss any potential penalties associated with the charge.

Federal vs. State Law

There are a few varying penalties that are in play when discussing federal law vs. Alabama law. Certainly, prosecutions under the federal sentencing guidelines are potentially much harsher than they would be for someone who is prosecuted for the same behavior in state court. There is no mandatory sentencing although it is deemed to be more serious. The severity of such consequences should not be combatted without the assistance of an Alabama child pornography lawyer.

Types of Charges

There are two classes of crime when it comes to child pornography. There are people who distribute the images, and people who possess the images. Both deal with images of children under the age of 17. Most often, child pornography is a digital crime. People can scan bulletin boards online for such images.

There are also dissemination type charges and possession type charges when dealing with child pornography. The dissemination is someone that is distributing the prohibited images. It is a Class D Felony that carries a sentence range of not less than two or more than 20 years in jail, as well as fines and supervision. The possession is still a felony, but it is a Class C Felony and does not delineate how many images one would need to be guilty of the same offense.

These charges cover images or videos of sadomasochism, sexual intercourse, masturbation, breast nudity, genital nudity, or any other type of sexual conduct. No matter the type of charge, an individual should contact a child pornography lawyer in Alabama to begin building a solid defense.

Severity of the Charge

Child pornography is a priority in Alabama, even more so on the federal level. The FBI can use websites and bulletin boards to attract people who are interested in this material in some type of sting investigation. They can lure people online and are able to trace them back to their address.

Since it is a priority, there are some national organizations for the protection of children that lobby for funding for investigations. Some of the larger police agencies have officers that are specifically assigned for that purpose.

These officers go online, go to the boards, and try to get people to send them images that they can open and investigate. There are also some of these nonprofit organizations that are utilized for the protection of children are trying to bust people for possessing and distributing these illegal images. If an individual has been a victim of one of these investigations, they should not hesitate before consulting with an Alabama child pornography lawyer.

Benefit of an Attorney

Child pornography is a serious charge that can carry serious long-term consequences. As soon as a person learns they are under suspicion for such a charge, they should not hesitate before contacting an attorney.

When investigating a child pornography charge, a police officer will often document, investigate, and collect information regarding an individual’s suspected involvement. To properly combat these findings or any sort of information the officer may uncover, an individual should consult with an experienced Alabama child pornography lawyer as soon as possible.

A lawyer who is trained and has experience in these matters can craft a defense to help most effectively combat any allegations the officer may have against you. After learning of your charge, it is important to consult with a seasoned attorney as soon as possible.

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