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Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can encompass many different things. The term covers any type of forcible touching of another’s intimate parts. This is done to a person who is incapable of giving consent, are mentally disabled, or are physically helpless.

If you have been charged with such a crime and are seeking legal representation, it is imperative to consult with an Alabama sexual abuse lawyer as soon as possible. A knowledgeable sex crimes attorney in Alabama can gather the elements of the charge and craft a defense to help lessen any potential penalties you may be facing.

Severity of the Charge

A sexual assault defines any type of touching of an individual that is incapable of consenting. It is an assault on their intimate body parts. Sexual assault is deemed to be a crime against the alleged victim, and it is taken very seriously socially and in court.

The protection of a person, whether it be an assault, a homicide, or a sexual offense, is of top priority when considering a criminal case. Because individuals value their lives and privacy to a great degree, these cases are prosecuted with a great deal of motivation. That is all the more reason that an individual should hire an experienced Alabama sexual abuse attorney to defend them.

Presence of Violence

Sexual abuse certainly can be a violent crime. Many rapes and forcible sexual acts are crimes of violence, not crimes of passion. Sometimes, individuals are injured in some fashion, both psychologically and physically, when they have been through some sort of sexual abuse. The charge can bring forward quite serious injuries toward the alleged victim.

However, the presence of violence depends on the case. For an individual to determine how the presence of violence may affect their case, it is important they consult with a sexual abuse lawyer in Alabama as soon as possible. Our veteran attorneys will explain the sex offender registry Alabama requirements.

Aggravating Factors

One of the biggest aggravating factors in sexual abuse cases is age. The legislative bodies have made sentencing laws quite harsh as an incentive for people to not commit these types of offenses. For instance, even if an individual is under 16 and may wish to be involved in some sort of sexual contact, the law does not allow them to give legal consent. This is statutory rape.

Committing a crime against people who are mentally disabled or suffer from some type of mental illness is another aggravating factor. These individuals cannot legally consent to sex because of their mental disability, and individuals who attempt to do engage in such activity will face stiff penalties. To defend against such charges, an individual should not hesitate before consulting with an Alabama sexual abuse lawyer.

Other aggravating factors of sexual abuse cases include committing some sort of abuse against an individual when they were under the influence of drugs, were physically helpless, were in a hospital setting, or were sedated. The use of a weapon, the use of sexual torture, or the use of inanimate objects can also be aggravating factors. Due to the overwhelming amount of aggravating factors present, an individual should be sure to hire an Alabama sexual abuse attorney to defend them immediately.

Potential Penalties

Depending on the degree of the charge, the potential penalties can include a jail sentence.

It may also involve some sort of sex offender registration, being placed on probation, having to wear an electronic monitor, and being restricted from going to certain places where the alleged victim or where children live.

Benefits of a Sex Abuse Attorney

Sexual abuse case or sexual offense cases carries a lifetime registration requirement. A lawyer can sometimes negotiate for non-registration type offenses in lieu of sexual battery, sexual abuse, rape, and sodomy type offenses. However, it does not matter what the charge is per se, the role of a defense lawyer is always to protect the rights of the accused citizen.

The government bears the burden of proof in sexual abuse cases, and it is crucial that an individual hire an attorney to help combat any allegations the prosecution may be making. A sexual abuse attorney in Alabama can help minimize or dismiss any potential consequences an accused individual may be facing.

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